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Here in the UK a child’s size is usually defined by their age but since we are all different it’s a good idea to check our charts and base your purchase on your child’s height, chest and waist measurements. All our measurements have been taken in centimetres (cm)

Shoe Size Guide

For girls and boys; NB -14 years

0-3M 62 14 lbs
3-6M 68 18 lbs
6-9M 74 21 lbs
9-12M 80 24 lbs
12-18M 86 51 51
18-24M 2Y 92 53 52
2-3Y 3Y 98 55 53
3-4Y 4Y 104 57 54
5Y 110 59 55
5-6Y 6Y 116 61 57
7Y 122 63 58
7-8Y 8Y 128 66 60
9Y 134 70 61
9-10Y 10Y 140 73 62
11Y 146 76 63
11-12Y 12Y 152 79 64 (Girls)
68 (Boys)
13Y 158 83 65 (Girls)
69 (Boys)
13-14Y 14Y 164 87 67 (Girls)
71 (Boys)

How to measure

Height: Remove shoes and any hair accessories then measure from the floor to the top of their head. Stand tall, no bent knees please!

Chest: Measure the fullest part of the chest, just under the arms and across the shoulder blades.

Waist: Find the natural waistline between the top of their hips and the bottom of their ribs. This is usually the narrowest part of the waist but don't pull the tape too tight, comfort is key.

Outside leg: Measure from waist point down to the ankle.

Dress length: Taken from the shoulder to the knee.

Measuring advice

On product pages which contain model shots we have included the age of the model, their height and the size they are wearing to give you a better idea of the fit. If you have any questions on the sizing and fit of our products them please email Millie or call 02039829991.