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Article: 8 Top Tips for Perfectly Fitting Kids’ Occasionwear

Kids' occasionwear fitting guide

8 Top Tips for Perfectly Fitting Kids’ Occasionwear

As parents, we all know the struggle of finding perfectly fitting occasionwear for rapidly growing little ones! Between navigating their unique shapes and sizes, and accommodating for unexpected growth spurts, shopping for kids' formal outfits can be challenging on the best of days... 

But fear not! We've put together some advice to help you breeze through the process and ensure your ever-growing (yet always adorable) tots look and feel amazing at every special event. Here are our top tips from Angel & Rocket’s talented team!

1. Plan Ahead

​​Planning ahead is key when shopping for kids' occasionwear. As our garment tech Elaine advises:

You need to consider how far in advance you are buying the outfit to ensure kids don’t grow out of it by the event.

For weddings and formal occasions, we would advise window shopping up to six months ahead of time to familiarise yourself with current trends and pick out the general style you’re after. We know it’s so tempting to order right then and there, but if you can, aim to purchase with just a couple of months to spare! 

This proactive approach allows time for alterations and adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit and stress-free experience come the big day.

2. Measure Up

Measuring for kids' occasionwear

Accurate measurements are essential for getting the perfect fit in kids' occasionwear. Our handy size guide provides body measurements, enabling you to compare your child's measurements against the chart for the best possible fit. 

To ensure accuracy, check your child's measurements regularly (remember they grow much quicker than we do!) and consult the size guide before making a purchase. Keep in mind that children's sizes can vary by brand, so comparing measurements to the specific size chart will help avoid any mishaps. 

By measuring up correctly, you'll save time and ensure a comfortable fit. Win-win!

3. Check Customer Reviews

Checking other customer reviews is a helpful tool when shopping for kids' formalwear. Reviews provide real insights on fit and sizing, allowing you to make informed choices.

For example, if several reviewers mention that a style runs small or large, you can adjust your size selection accordingly. Reviews also offer perspectives on fabric quality and comfort, giving you a better understanding of the product before splashing out!

4. Look for Adjustable Features

Flower girl dress with adjustable sash

Opting for kids' occasionwear with adjustable features ensures a flexible fit. Many of our boys' chinos, for example, include added stretch and an adjustable waist, providing adaptability as your child grows.

Our Garment Team highlight that some of our occasion dresses have sashes at the waist (like our Selene Tulle Dress above), helping to cinch in the waist for a more customised and flattering fit.

By prioritising garments with adjustable elements, you'll be able to more easily accommodate growth spurts and personalise the fit, helping these special pieces to last for longer.

5. Wear In Shoes

Don’t forget ​​the all-important finishing details! When purchasing new shoes for kids, it's essential to allow ample time for breaking them in.

Encourage your child to wear the shoes around the house with socks, gradually increasing the duration as they adjust to the fit. This process helps soften the material and moulds the shoes to their feet, preventing any discomfort or blisters from putting a dampener on happy occasions.

6. Ensure Suits Are Perfectly Tailored

Boys suit

A well-tailored boys' suit can make all the difference at special events. To ensure the perfect fit, pay especially close attention to these key areas:

  • Shoulders: Seams should rest where the shoulder meets the arm, avoiding sagging or pulling.
  • Jacket length: It should cover the rear and fall to the middle of the hand when arms are relaxed at the sides.
  • Sleeves: They should reveal half an inch of shirt cuff.
  • Trousers: Waistband should fit snugly but comfortably, and the hem should rest on the top of the shoes.

By checking these crucial points, your little gentleman will feel comfortable whilst also looking suitably dapper! Check out our Blake Blazer, Textured Shirt and Smart Jersey Trousers for inspiration (as styled in the photo above).

7. Have a Trial Fitting

Having a try-on session is an excellent way to ensure your child's outfit looks and feels perfect for the big event, so ask them to give you a catwalk performance a few weeks before the occasion! This will give you enough time to address any necessary alterations or adjustments.

Make sure that they try on their entire outfit, including shoes and accessories, to ensure everything comes together seamlessly. Pay particularly close attention to areas like waistlines, hemlines, and sleeve lengths.

8. Consider Comfort & Practicality

Comfortable occasionwear dress

When choosing occasionwear for kids, remember that as much as you want them to look like the little prince or princess that they are, comfort and practicality are equally as important!

Consider selecting outfits that allow for ease of movement and all-day wear. For instance, Angel & Rocket offers smart jumpsuits for girls and matching polo-short sets for boys, providing stylish options that will seamlessly see them from day through to night.

These outfits enable kids to get stuck in with various activities - whilst always looking exquisite.

Shop kids' occasionwear

Shopping for little ones should be a fun experience, especially when choosing pieces for special events! We hope that this article has given you some practical tips, helping you to shop with confidence when next ordering occasionwear for little ones. 

We understand that you may still feel a bit nervous about shopping online when your little one isn't able to try on beforehand, so feel free to pop into one of our stores if you’re in the area! Our Marlow shop offers dedicated flower girl fit sessions, which you can arrange by emailing or calling 01628 362153.

And, no matter where you live, for complete peace of mind when shopping online, Angel & Rocket offer free delivery over £50 and easy returns, so don’t forget to make the most of this! You can also get in touch with our friendly team if you have any further questions before placing your order.