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Article: The Ultimate Flower Girl Style Guide for Picture-Perfect Moments

Flower girl style guide

The Ultimate Flower Girl Style Guide for Picture-Perfect Moments

Are you wondering whether to go classic or contemporary with your choice of flower girl outfit? Fretting over the most suitable length and style of dress? And the all important question - should you coordinate her attire with the rest of the wedding party?!

Navigating the world of flower girl fashion can be a whirlwind of choices! But don’t panic. We’ve put together this comprehensive style guide to help you explore these questions fully, ensuring your little flower girl feels like a true princess as she walks down the aisle.

By the end of this article, we’re confident you’ll have all the answers you need and will be saying ‘yes’ to the flower girl dress!

Classic vs. Trend: Finding the Perfect Balance

The Classics

Classic flower girl styles

Classic flower girl dresses evoke a timeless charm, often characterised by traditional silhouettes, crisp ivory or soft pastels, and elegant fabrics like lace or tulle. These dresses are well-suited for formal, traditional weddings, or those with a vintage theme. See the image above for some of Angel & Rocket’s most classic options, including our Selene Tulle Dress (left), Portia Pleated Dress (middle) and Sylvie Sash Dress (right).

The Trendsetters

Contemporary flower girl styles

On the other hand, flower girl dresses that lean towards the more contemporary will embrace trend-led styles, featuring bold prints, modern cuts and unique details. These fashionable options work well for less conventional weddings, for example bohemian or urban-chic celebrations. Some of our favourites include our Mavea Dress (left), Emilie Print Dress (middle) and Oversized Sequin Bow Claudia Dress (right). 

Ultimately, the choice between classic and trend is a personal choice. Think about the overall style and vibe you’d like for your wedding, as well as the formality of the venue, to help you decide on the perfect little outfits. And don’t forget to take your flower girl’s personality into consideration, too!

Coordination: To Blend In or Stand Out?

When it comes to your flower girl's outfit, you'll want to decide whether her look should coordinate with the bridesmaids or stand out as a unique focal point. A complementary ensemble can create a unified aesthetic for the wedding party, whilst a distinctive dress allows your flower girl to shine in her own right. 

If you have different aged flower girls, you may also want to consider matching outfits for some truly adorable pics!

Regardless of your choice, clear communication is key. Ensure that everyone understands the vision - particularly the flower girl’s parents if they have the all-important job of selecting her dress. This enables everyone to work together in finding the ideal ensemble for the occasion.

Flower Girl Dresses: Choosing the Right Length and Style

Now comes the exciting part – choosing the ideal material, dress length, sleeve style, and colour for your flower girl's outfit!

1. Material

Flower girl dress materials

The material of your flower girl's dress can significantly impact the overall style and comfort, especially when considering different seasons and destinations.

On-trend yet sophisticated lace, as seen in our Mavea Tiered Dress (left), offers an elegant, timeless appeal whilst allowing breathability for warmer weather. For a fairytale vibe, full skirt tulle dresses like Selene (middle) create a whimsical, princess-like charm. Another excellent choice is breathable and comfortable cotton, exemplified by the Emillie Dress (right), an ideal choice for outdoor or destination weddings.

2. Dress Length

Flower girl dress lengths

Choosing the perfect dress length for your flower girl can set the tone for her enchanting walk down the aisle.

Midi-length options, such as the timeless Camille (left), are always a popular option, seamlessly striking the balance between elegance and playfulness.

Maxi dresses, like the ethereal Aria (middle) exude a dreamy, bohemian charm with their floor-length skirts, ideal for whimsical outdoor ceremonies or relaxed beach weddings.

High low hemlines inject a touch of modern flair, adding interest and uniqueness to your flower girl's outfit. Check out our gorgeous Leonie Sequin 2 Piece (right) for something a little bit different.

3. Sleeves vs Sleeveless


Flower girl dresses with sleeves ideas

Sleeves can be both a stylistic choice and a practical consideration for your flower girl's attire, especially when factoring in outdoor weddings and seasonal elements. Opting for dresses with sleeves, like the charming Odette (left), romantic Anelise (middle), or the lovely Mavea (right), can provide extra coverage whilst still looking elegant and graceful.


Flower girl sleeveless dress ideas

On the other hand, if the wedding takes place during warmer months or in a sunny destination, sleeveless options like the Valerie (left), Elisa (middle), or Olivia (right) can keep your flower girl cool and comfortable - without ever compromising on style.

4. Colour

Selecting the ideal colour palette for your flower girl's dress can beautifully tie your wedding's aesthetic together. Here are some of our tried-and-tested go-to hues:

Traditional White

White flower girl dress ideas

From left to right: Lucy Lace Bodice Dress, Esme Ivory Lace Bodice Dress & Anelise Cascade Lace Dress

You simply can’t go wrong with classic white! A white flower girl dress draws on tradition, offering a timelessly elegant appeal.

Pretty in Pink

Blush pink flower girl dresses

From left to right: Noemie Pink Embroidered Dress, Lucy Lace DressOdette Ballerine 2 Pc Lace Dress

Pretty pinks, ranging from soft pastels to bold hues, add a romantic, feminine charm, perfect for spring and summer weddings.

On-Trend Sage

Sage green flower girl dress ideas

From left to right: Camille Sage Pleated Midi Dress, Lucy Lace Bodice Dress & Anya Sage Beaded Tulle Dress

An Angel & Rocket favourite, on-trend sage provides an earthy, sophisticated touch, seamlessly blending with various wedding themes, from rustic to nature-inspired.

Seasonal Considerations: Comfy Cover-Ups

Flower girl cover-up ideas

As you plan your flower girl's attire, consider the practicality and charm that a stylish cover-up can provide. A pretty cardigan or elegant cape not only adds an extra layer of warmth for cooler weather (perfect for unpredictable British summers!), but also enhances your little one's overall look.

Opt for a delicate, knitted cardigan to complement a classic, timeless dress (such as our Vivi Petal Cardigan above) or choose a mesh cape with a touch of sparkle for an ethereal touch. 

For chillier outdoor ceremonies, a cosy faux-fur shrug or a soft, satin wrap could also provide both comfort and stylistic flair.

Shop flower girl collection

When creating the perfect flower girl ensemble, it helps to have a good understanding of the overall wedding vibe, as well as choosing something that suits a flower girl’s individual personality. After all, we want her to feel confident to strut her stuff down the aisle on the big day!

Whether you’re a bride-to-be planning her wedding or the parent of a proud flower girl-to-be, remember to always maintain an open dialogue and clear communication when choosing a flower girl outfit. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to picture-perfect memories for years to come.

If you’re still umming and arring, then discover Angel & Rocket’s top 10 flower girl dresses (we know, we shouldn’t have favourites!) as well as the hottest trends in flower girl fashion this year.