Everything You Need To Know About Flower Girls

Rosy cheeks, tumbling tresses and soft layers of tulle. Flower girls are a charming addition to your wedding celebrations and can’t help but melt the hearts of everyone in the room!

Although they may be the tiniest members of a bridal party, flower girls still have an important role to play. So whether you’re the parent to an excited flower girl-to-be or you’re in the process of planning your own wedding, we’ve got everything you need to know about flower girls covered for a spectacular (and fingers crossed smooth!) ceremony.

What Is the Role of a Flower Girl?

The primary role of a flower girl is to be herself - effortlessly charming and adorable! It’s a nice way for the bride and groom to incorporate younger children into their wedding, with less of the weight and responsibility of the adult bridal party.

Flower girls are usually the youngest in the ceremony and are often relations of the happy couple, such as little nieces or godchildren. But it could also be a sweet way to involve the children of close family friends, too.

During the ceremony, a flower girl directly precedes the bride down the aisle (sometimes accompanied by a page boy) and traditionally scatters flower petals across her path. But feel free to get creative! How about having your flower girls blow bubbles, hold balloons, throw confetti, or carry a magic wand? Every wedding is unique, so go with whatever best suits the individual style and theme.

A Brief History of the Tradition of Flower Girls

Incredibly, the tradition of flower girls can be traced back to ancient Rome. At the time, flower girls would have carried sheaves of wheat and herbs, sprinkling them across the ground for the bride and groom to walk across. This symbolised luck, prosperity and fertility in the newlywed’s marriage.

With the medieval era came a slightly more superstitious tradition. It was commonplace for flower girls to carry garlic to ward off bad spirits or omens and protect the married couple from harm.

During the Elizabethan period, flower petals were scattered all the way from the home of the bride to the church. Flower girls followed musicians in an elaborate wedding procession, carrying a gilded rosemary branch and silver cup.

The traditions we probably best recognise today came to prominence in Victorian times. Adorned in simple white dresses, flower girls would carry baskets of fresh blooms or floral hoops, symbolising youthful optimism and everlasting love.

How To Choose a Flower Girl Dress

There are so many beautiful options for flower girl dresses, it can be difficult to know where to start! Having helped to dress thousands of budding flower girls for the big day, here are our best suggestions:

  • Should it be co-ordinating or unique? Decide whether the dress should complement other members of the bridal party, or whether you’d prefer for it to be individual.
  • What’s the wedding style & theme? Consider the style and theme of the wedding - is it more traditional or contemporary? If it’s more traditional, a classic white or ivory dress would be a good option. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not try a subtle yet pretty blush pink or sage green?
  • What will the weather be like? Make sure to take the season and location of the wedding into consideration. If it’s the height of summer, prioritise light and breathable materials. For winter weddings, consider long sleeves or extra layers.
  • Will it fit perfectly? Measure your little one using a size guide to ensure the dress you’ve set your sights on will fit like a glove. Order a couple of months beforehand to give yourself time for any last-minute adjustments or alterations.
  • Is it as practical as it is beautiful? Whilst your little one will want to feel pretty as a princess, she’ll also want to be dressed comfortably for a day full of flower girl duties, too!
  • Do they love it? Finally, make sure your flower girl-to-be loves her dress just as much as you do! She’s far more likely to embrace her role on the big day if she feels confident and empowered in her choice of outfit.

How to Accessorise a Flower Girl Dress

Whilst choosing a flower girl dress is probably at the top of your priority list, don’t forget those all-important little details to complete the look! Some of our favourite flower girl accessories include:

Flower Girl Outfit Ideas

Now onto our favourite bit - flower girl outfit inspiration! From intricate lace to stunning silhouettes, one thing’s for certain: flower girls require an extra special outfit for the big day! Here are our top picks from Angel & Rocket’s beautiful and award-winning wedding collection:

1. Selene Tulle Dress

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Selene Tulle Dress

Featuring a cotton sateen bodice, pretty puff sleeves and a satin sash, we can’t get enough of the Selene Tulle Dress! Perfect for a classic and timeless look that exudes youthful innocence, she’ll feel like a princess as she twirls in layers of tulle. We particularly love that this dress comes in a mini-me version for an adorable sibling duo.

2. Aria Lace Sleeve Maxi Dress

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Aria Lace Sleeve Maxi Dress

Bring a bohemian vibe to your special day with the ethereal Aria Lace Sleeve Maxi Dress! The ideal choice for any older flower girls in your bridal party, it is available in ages 10-16 years.

3. Sylvie Ruffle Dress

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Let your little one shine in the picture-perfect Sylvie Ruffle Dress. The cotton sateen fabric creates stunning structure and volume, and did we mention we’re a teensy bit obsessed with the statement sleeve?


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