A Complete Guide to Page Boys & Their Role on the Big Day

When it comes to weddings, the spotlight quite rightly shines on the bride and groom, but let's not forget about the unsung hero of any ceremony - the page boy! These adorable attendants may be small in stature, but alongside their flower girl co-stars, they play a big role in ensuring things go off without a hitch.

From carrying the bride's train to producing many an ‘awww!’ moment, these dapper little gents know how to steal the show with their charming outfits and cheeky personalities!

Here at Angel & Rocket, we’ve kitted out our fair share of page boys, so we know a thing or two about prepping little ones for the big day! Whether you’re deep in the details of planning your wedding or you’re the parent of an excited page-boy-to-be, let’s delve into the world of page boys so that you know exactly what to expect.

The Role of a Page Boy

A page boy is typically a young male relative or family friend of the bride and groom under the age of 10, chosen to play a special role in the wedding ceremony. It’s a nice gesture that helps little ones to feel included in the festivities.

First and foremost, the page boy's most important duty is to look absolutely adorable (it’s no easy feat being a mini style icon!). Page boys and flower girls add a touch of innocence, charm and joy to the occasion, without too much responsibility placed on their small shoulders.

As a page boy, there are traditionally a few responsibilities for him to undertake on the big day, including:

  • Carrying the bride's train: The page boy often has the honour of carrying the bride's train as she walks down the aisle, ensuring it doesn't get caught or tangled. It's a big responsibility, but these little guys handle it like pros!
  • Participating in the procession: When a page boy isn’t carrying the bride’s train, he typically precedes down the aisle ahead of the bride, accompanied by a flower girl or fellow page boy. He may carry symbolic items or help to scatter flower petals, adding an extra touch of cuteness.
  • Assisting with the guestbook: For older page boys that can handle the responsibility, they might be required help with the guestbook, ushering guests to sign and leave messages for the newlyweds.

It’s worth pointing out that the role of a page boy and ring bearer can sometimes get confused. While both roles are typically filled by young boys in a wedding ceremony, a ring bearer is like a specialised page boy who focuses on the rings - talk about a big job for small hands!

Page boy dressed in Chase Blue Stripe Panelled Shirt

A Brief History of Page Boys

The term ‘page boy’ has rather less glamorous origins than you might expect! It can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when young boys served as attendants to knights and nobles, preparing them for knighthood or courtly service. They would assist with tasks such as cleaning armour and caring for horses, and eventually, their duties extended to assisting with ceremonies and processions.

In weddings, their role was mostly practical - in particular, helping with the bride's long train. It was during the Victorian times that page boys began to dress in more elaborate costumes that mimicked the outfit of the groom or other male members of the wedding party. This tradition continues today, with page boys often sporting mini-tuxedos - we can’t get enough of a cute sibling co-ord or mini-me suit!

Today, although page boy duties have become more symbolic, the inclusion of page boys continues to pay homage to these historical roots, adding a sense of continuity and heritage to the ceremony.

Choosing a Page Boy Outfit

Selecting the perfect outfit for a page boy doesn’t have to cause a headache! In fact, if you ask us, it should be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding preparations. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Should it match the groom or male bridal party? Decide whether the page boy's outfit should blend in with the groom and groomsmen or stand out. Whilst there’s no right or wrong decision, we’d advise making sure that this is clearly communicated ahead of time!
  • Consider the wedding style & theme: The wedding's overall style - be it formal, casual, vintage, or modern - should guide the choice of outfit.
  • What is the location, time of year and weather? Consider the season and weather conditions to ensure your page boy is comfortable throughout the day. For instance, you may want to consider fewer layers, breathable materials, or even shorts, for warmer climates.
  • Does it fit well and comfortably: A page boy should look suitably dapper, but we’d always advise balancing this with practicality and comfort. It’s a long day for little ones and a restrictive outfit is only going to make them stressed and irritable - the last thing you want to be dealing with on the big day!
  • Make sure you get their opinion: Whenever possible, involve the page boy in choosing his outfit so that he feels confident, empowered and excited about his upcoming role. Don’t forget his all-important seal of approval!

3 Page Boy Outfit Ideas

When it comes to dressing page boys, Angel & Rocket has got you covered with a variety of stylish and handsome choices from our award-winning wedding collection. Here are three of our favourite page boy outfit ideas to inspire you:

Classic Mini-Me

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Page boy classic outfit

For a formal wedding, consider suiting and booting your page boy in a mini version of the groom's suit - complete with a tailored jacket, crisp shirt, and matching trousers. This classic look is perfect for creating a unified aesthetic and ensuring your page boy looks sharp and sophisticated. Take a look at our handsome Ashton Blazer for traditional styling in a contemporary light grey hue. Pair with a white shirt and navy chinos to complete the look.

Summer Chic

If you're having a slightly less formal or outdoor wedding, a pastel blazer, comfortable shorts, and breathable shirt are a great option. Angel & Rocket offers a range of effortless neutrals that will help to keep your page boy looking (and feeling!) cool. We particularly love our Blake Blue Textured Blazer in ticking stripes accompanied with smart shorts for a summery and chic ensemble.

All in the Details

For serious cuteness overload, dress your little man in a matching bow tie and braces. This charming look is perfect for adding a playful touch to any wedding outfit, whilst still keeping things smart and crisp. Our Bentley Blue Shirt and Trouser Set would be a perfect choice for any stylish little gent!

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